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I Know, You Still Have Questions

I’m sure you have some start up questions you want to ask before committing to reaching out, so let’s try to cover a few of those here.

Why do I need this service?

The whole reason why you need a digital organization session is simple, and it’s the security in knowing your photos are safe. We can’t control disasters like a fire or a computer crashing, but if that were to happen you have a copy of your entire photo library safely organized and backed up to the cloud. Typically speaking, your photos should be saved in 3 places… a hard drive which is where I will work my magic, a cloud service and then one more spot of your choosing.

Another huge reason is the accessibility. Do you have a graduation coming up? Easily find pictures of the graduate to make a video. Does your kindergartener need a baby picture of themselves? You can access those photos so easily now that every pictures taken the month they were born is together in one place. Need a picture of your dog from that beach vacation you took in 2019? You can easily access that using keyword searches to quickly grab it.

What exactly is the process for a digital organizing session?

We will start with a one hour call so I can figure out what we are working with? Trust me, your mess isn’t nearly as big as you think. We will get it all sorted out. The only homework for you before this call is simply keeping a list of all the places where you have photos stashed digitally. This likely includes a variety of phones, computers, a cloud service, old hard drives. From there I will get to work, texting you throughout the process to update you. But you will only need to maintain the connection of the computer for me to do the work, no other effort on your part. Once I’m finished we will have another call where I demonstrate the system and show you some of my favorite features. I will also teach you how to maintain this system.

How do we connect?

Using encrypted screen share software, I will connect to your computer and do the work remotely.  You will always be able to see what I am doing and can end the session for any reason.  This screen share will cause very little disruption to your life, if any.  You will need a computer (not a chromebook) and internet connection.

How long does this take?

Only that hour call at the beginning and end for you.  But for me it will likely take 3-4 weeks to complete the process. I will communicate as I move through and you can contact me at any time.

Why does it cost so much?

Listen, if it was easy you likely would have done it yourself already.  But on my end it will take hours of my time and uses resources and software I have to purchase. Having your precious memories secure and organized is worth it.  You will now have the peace of mind to know your photos are safe, you now have a system in place, and they are no longer causing you stress.

When can we start?

If you are ready to book then head HERE to get on my calendar. I have times available for 2 months in advance. If there isn’t a time that works for you, please contact me to see when new time slots will be added to the calendar.

Still not convinced?

If this all sounds like something that might be just what you need, or you have a few more questions, let’s schedule a no obligation call to dive a bit deeper.

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