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Behind the Chaos

Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m the friendly face behind Curating Chaos. I spent years worrying about my digital photo mess and finally learned how to fix it. And now I’m here to do the same for you. We spend so much time making memories, we should also be enjoying them. Let me help you love your photos again.

What Drives My Chaos

I have 4 kids, a husband, and a Labradoodle named Biggie Smalls. I thrive in the sunshine and the beach is my happy place. I love to read almost as much as I love to talk. I despise grocery shopping, but online shopping is my favorite hobby. I would travel every month if I could. I love seeing new places and learning new cultures. I was a Special Ed Teacher in my past life working with mostly Elementary aged students. I miss the kids but not the paperwork. If you are serving cake, please invite me. I am neither a night owl or an early riser.  I can’t stay awake past 10 and please don’t wake me before 7:30. The perfect day to me includes donuts, the ocean, happy hour with friends, and my feet in the sand. I am super short but what I lack in height I make up for in sarcasm.